Thanks. Melbourne CBD very quiet Tuesday morning. Both NGV locations feel like a nuclear war has started between the ‘free world’ and Putin. 😇

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There is something about European washing hanging outside old European buildings that is a pure aesthetic pleasure. On the balconies of suburban Australian apartment blocks, however, it looks ugly and depressing.

Not that this ought to dictate body corporate policy of course. Just an observation!

Good move on the Substack plan. It's a lovely interface.


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Thanks for another thoughtful post Tim. I couldn't agree more with what you say about the deliberate whipping-up of the anti-vax protesters. I can only hope it comes back to bite the likes of Morrison, Kelly, Hanson eventually. And Morrison has his inhumanity and carelessness with people's lives on full display in this government's (non-)actions on aged care. No-one should ever forget his deliberate policy of doing nothing to help aged care home residents over the last 2 years.

Great photos again. Good subject matter is only half the process - it needs also some sort of personal creative vision to make images that interest other people. Which you do!

I don't subscribe to your Patreon site and have found Substack very easy to navigate and use personally. If you do move your writing to a Substack setup I for one will definitely be interested in paying for some/all of your content.

Hope the jet lag is diminishing by now and that you settle back into Melbourne without too much culture shock. ;-)

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thanks for sharing the journey Tim - it was well done. I don't know about the other site, but this one worked well. stay safe regards Mark

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